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Born 1963

Thierry Cohen has been a professional photographer since 1985 and from the end of the 80s on,a pioneer in the use of digital techniques. He lives and works in Paris.

Since 2006, he has devoted most of his time to his personal work.

In 2008 with his "Binary Kids" series, he questions the future of the next generations facing networks and digital technologies, both, the origin and consequences of growth.

Since 2010, from megacities to deserts, he has mainly worked to achieve: "Darkened Cities" giving back stars to cities for the viewer and raising public awareness to the problem of light pollution.

His works are held in private and public collections.

He is represented by the Danziger Gallery in New York & Esther Woerdehoff Gallery in Paris

Shortlisted for 2015 Académie des Beaux-Arts Photography Prize
Nominated for 2016 & 2013 Pictet Prize
Shortlisted for 2013 Arcimboldo Photography Prize

2015 "Darkened Cities" Merignac Photographic Festival, France
2014 "Darkened Cities" East Wing, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2014 "Darkened Cities" Ekaterina Cultural Foundation within the framework of the Photobiennale, Moscow
2013 "Darkened Cities" Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce, Genova, Italy
2013 "Darkened Cities" & "Binary Kids" Fotografia Europea Festival, Reggio Emilia, Italy
2013 "Darkened Cities" Danziger Gallery, New York
2012 "Villes éteintes" (Darkened Cities), Official Selection Mois de la Photo à Paris, Esther Woerdehoff Gallery
2009 "Bugs", Promenades Photographiques de Vendôme, Parc du Château, France
2008 "Binary Kids", Official Selection Mois de la Photo à Paris, Espace Univer

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2018 "London Nights" Museum Of London, London, UK
2018 "La Photographie Française existe...Je l'ai rencontrée" La Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France
2017-2018 "Stars" Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz, Austria
2017-2018 " Paysages Photographiques : réinventer le réel " Esther Woerdehoff Gallery, Paris
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